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Nutrition Info Per Serving

Energy 105.56 Cal Protein 2.02 g
Lipid 1.83 g Carbohydrate 19.53 g
Fiber 0.68 g Sugar 0.00 g

Ingredients List of Uttapam

Grocery List
Quantity Units Ingredients Notes
360.00 gm WHITE RICE Parboiled
90.00 gm CHICKPEAS (BENGAL GRAM) Split and husked
2.00 tsp SALT
2.00 tsp OLIVE OIL

Uttapam Tags: Family Recipe Regional Traditional

rishitasingh Date: November 22, 2018
Region: INDIAN
Cuisine: Tamil
Type: Cereals
Course: Breakfast

Prep Time

15 Mins

Cooking Time

35 Mins


6 servings

Introduction of Uttapam

What is an Uttapam?

Uttapam is a dosa-like homemade recipe from South India made by cooking ingredients in a batter. Unlike a dosa, which is crisp and crepe-like, uttapam is a thick pancake, with toppings cooked right into the batter to make a tasty recipe. A traditional delicacy from down South which literally means ‘poured appam’ in Tamil. Uttapam is a dosa-like preparation made with the batter of rice, dhuli urad dal, and fenugreek seeds.

Uttappam instant mixes are available in the market. A small portion of this is mixed with water to form a fermented batter. This is then spread evenly on a cooking pan. It takes about five minutes to cook this easy and homemade recipe.

Uttapam is healthy as well as an easy recipe to cook. Uttapam has a high content of fat due to the oil. Homemade Uttapam is an ideal meal option for those who are looking for a low-fat breakfast. Veg Uttapam and Oats Uttapam are rich in various nutrients and do not add unhealthy calories to your body. A single serving of plain uttapam has lesser calories than stuffed Uttapam. Though Uttapam is cooked with a certain amount of oil that makes it unhealthy, you can always cut out fat content from the food by using Olive oil.

Preparation Steps of Uttapam

  1. Soak rice, daal, and methi in water for 5-6 hours.
  2. Grind fine, add salt and enough water to make a dropping consistency and leave to ferment 5-6 hours.
  3. Heat the pan, and brush oil over it. When really hot, splash a little water over it, and pour about 1 cup of batter on to it.
  4. It will spread a little. When the edges start browning a bit, pour a trail of oil around it.
  5. Turn it over and let it brown on the other side too.


Your delicious Uttapam for breakfast is ready!


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