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Nutrition Info Per Serving

Energy 376.55 Cal Protein 11.59 g
Lipid 24.10 g Carbohydrate 35.02 g
Fiber 4.89 g Sugar 19.84 g

Ingredients List of Seviyan

Grocery List
Quantity Units Ingredients Notes
25.00 gm SUGAR Preferably white caster sugar. If you can\\\'t get your hands on them, you can finely powder white crystal sugar. Avoid brown sugar.
100.00 gm Condensed milk Sweet condensed milk
1.00 tsp SAFFRON
1.00 Pint MILK
2.00 tbsp ALMONDS
2.00 tbsp RAISINS
1.00 tsp CARDAMOM
5.00 tbsp GHEE Clarified ghee
1.00 Silver leaf Optional
2.00 cup Vermicelli

Seviyan Tags: Family Recipe Traditional

Region: ASIA
Cuisine: Pakistan
Type: Others
Course: Desserts

Prep Time

5 Mins

Cooking Time

15 Mins


7 servings

Introduction of Seviyan

Seviyan is a typical Asian dessert. It originates from the regions of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The main ingredient for this dessert is the vermicelli. This ingredient resembles the appearance of noodles. Except, these seviyan are a shorter and thinner version of authentic noodles. Seviyan have a rich and fulfilling texture. It tends to provide a very rich base to any dessert that includes it. Not only is it used for desserts but many Indian savoury dishes include this ingredient as well. There are 2 kinds of vermicelli: roasted and unroasted.

The month of Ramadan is very auspicious to the Muslim community. Moreover, their rituals signify the devout fasting throughout the day. It is also known that this devout fasting can clean a person off his bad deeds. During this month of Ramadan, Muslims only eat before the sunrise and after the sunset. During the day, they restrain from allowing anything to pass down their food pipe (including saliva). The authentic seviyan is one such nutritious and tasty dessert dish that is integral for the Ramadan meals. Families and friends get together and celebrate their community, love and belongingness. And this dish, ever since its inception, has played a very important role in it.

This Eid, learn the secrets of preparing the perfect seviyan. Make sure to dry roast the dry fruits before adding them to the dish. Serve it hot or warm with a sprinkle of dry fruits. Always pay importance to the garnish. The garnish can either be saffron strands or a silver leaf. Cook the dessert on a medium flame. A high flame will not thicken the consistency and a low flame will make the seviyan clumpy. Be generous with the ghee during the start of the preparatory. Remember to crush the cardamom pods before including them to the dish.

Preparation Steps of Seviyan

  1. Heat ghee in a saucepan on a medium flame and add the cardamom.

  2. Once fragrant, it is ready, add the crushed vermicelli and keep stirring to avoid burning them.

  3. Now add both the milk as well as the condensed milk and keep stirring.

  4. Add sugar and stir and cook until the mixture becomes thick and vermicelli is cooked through.

  5. Pour in the soaked saffron and then place in a serving dish. Garnish with nuts and raisin. Dress with a silver leaf (if available)

  6. . It is best when it is served hot. But it can be served cold as well.


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