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What is a Meal Plan?

-    You can Plan what to eat for different meals of a day.
-    You can prepare your Meal Plan to watch your Calorie Intake with each meal.Every Recipe or Dish
     you put into a Meal Plan will have a Calorie Count.
-    Even any Food Ingredient you select, like Milk, Apple, etc will have a Calorie Count.
-    Set a Calorie Target for 1 Day or 1 Week, etc and prepare your own Meal Plan.
-    Or, prepare a Meal Plan just to organize your groceries shopping.
-    Meal Plan could be just for 1 day to a maximum of 30 days.

Start Date : Feb 17, 2018
End Date : Feb 18, 2018
Uncooked food should be included in diet from time to time. Simple and light vegetarian food without any oil, spices and the whole cooking process ...
Start Date : Oct 25, 2017
End Date : Oct 27, 2017
This meal will allow you to have high carb diet
Start Date : Jun 28, 2017
End Date : Jun 28, 2017
Meal Plan for 1 day filled with activities and workout!