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kiran1021 On Jun 8, 2017, 3:23 pm
Type: Greens
Tags: Healthy |Low Fat
Mint Rice

Healthy Aromatic Mint Rice Recipe

This is a tasty rice recipe made out of pudina/mint leaves. pudina Rice is a delicious, aromatic & immensely flavorful rice dish. It is very easy to prepare and yummy to eat. Also, it makes a healthy lunch box menu, as the mint/pudina leaves contain a number of vitamins and minerals. To prepare this recipe, we need only a handful of ingredients. The fresh sprigs of mint/pudina leaves are ground to masala paste and mixed with the cooked rice, which helps in retaining the fresh aroma of mint/pudina leaves and also the healthy eye-catchy color.

Nutrition Info Per Serving
Energy 191.91 Cal Protein 4.05 g
Lipid 8.69 g Carbohydrate 24.96 g
Fiber 2.90 g Sugar 0.45 g

kiran1021 On Jun 3, 2017, 11:09 am
Type: Vegetables
Spinach Rice

Spinach Rice Healthy Spicy Rice Recipe

Spinach Rice or Palak rice is both tasty and healthy. Palak is said to be full of medicinal values. So, add palak rice to your list of healthy recipes. And the best part is it is easy to make. Spinach Rice or Palak Rice is a healthy and delicious rice made using palak and Indian spices. It is a flavorful rice dish. Perfect dish to pack into lunch box for kids and adults.

Nutrition Info Per Serving
Energy 98.02 Cal Protein 1.26 g
Lipid 4.04 g Carbohydrate 14.57 g
Fiber 1.27 g Sugar 0.18 g

superhomecook On Jun 3, 2017, 10:55 am
Type: Cereals
Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa spicy indian pancake

Masala Dosa is a famous South Indian breakfast snack popular not only in India but outside India too. Masala Dosa is on the menu of many North Indian restaurants too. Though making masala dosa is a long process, but its worth it.

Nutrition Info Per Serving
Energy 585.44 Cal Protein 13.69 g
Lipid 4.00 g Carbohydrate 120.71 g
Fiber 4.71 g Sugar 2.06 g

kiran1021 On Jun 2, 2017, 8:13 am
Type: Greens
Cabbage Rice

Cabbage Rice Spicy Sumptuous Vegan Rice

Spicy, tasty and chatpata cabbage rice recipe. People who don't love to have cabbage will also start have it in the form of spicy rice. Spicy Cabbage Rice takes very few ingredients to make and takes hardly 20 minutes to get prepared. This is a perfect recipe if you want in your lunch box too. Serve Spicy Cabbage Rice Recipe with any raita of your choice.

Nutrition Info Per Serving
Energy 2,128.97 Cal Protein 39.66 g
Lipid 15.05 g Carbohydrate 448.04 g
Fiber 6.39 g Sugar 9.96 g

superhomecook On May 31, 2017, 3:37 am
Type: Cereals

Uthappam Fluffy Indian Spicy Pancake

Uthappam is a thick and fluffy Indian pan cake made out of White rice, green gram, chickpeas, tapioca sago and flattened rice. It is a healthy and filling breakfast to give an energetic start to the day!

Nutrition Info Per Serving
Energy 463.10 Cal Protein 13.72 g
Lipid 3.59 g Carbohydrate 92.81 g
Fiber 7.04 g Sugar 0.00 g