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Italian Cuisine My first Foreign Cuisine Experience

zenchef Date: December 28, 2016
Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine – My first foreign cuisine experience!

When it comes to trying out new flavors, one thinks twice before saying yes, and if you like it, you eat it again and if you don’t, well let’s just say the story doesn’t end well for you then. Some of us might have embarrassing stories of when we tried something different, like Sushi or Caviar etc as these were foreign cuisines for most of us.

If I talk about myself, well my family isn’t the ‘experimenting’ type so they stick to pretty much what they eat every day, you know, chicken, vegetable etc. So it wasn’t until I reached high school that I had friends telling me about a foreign dish, a weird name to hear at first, ‘Piz? Pizza?’ At first, I thought it is a dish only elite class people can afford, you know for people who had their own BMWs and whatnot, but as days passed we friends decided to go for a girl’s day out and what else could we eat? We were on a roll!!! So we stopped by the nearest Pizza Place and ordered 2 regular sized pizzas. Hour an hour of wait and the pizza was here. At first look, I thought it was weird that the gooey cheese was falling off the top and dripping in the pan everywhere.. EEWWW!!!

Time for the taste of Italian Cuisine! I lifted my first slice up with the pizza lifter and the stringy cheese just wouldn’t separate! Now me being a newbie to all this pizza cutting and eating thing, didn’t know you had to first level out the cheese by running a cutter in between all slices, so I lifted the slice up as much as I could to get that one string of cheese to let go and BAMM!!! Down came the pizza slice face first in my friend’s aunt’s plate!! Such an embarrassment!!

Anyways, somehow I got the slice and now for the moment I’d been waiting for! First bite in and the hot gooey cheese went flowing in, burning the top of my mouth and everywhere it touched. But the taste!!! I’ll never forget that first bite. The pain for the burnt mouth was nothing compared to the scrumptious taste of this ‘plat du jour’ sent down from heaven *I am not even exaggerating*. What sorcery is this wheel of bread and cheese holding? I even remember what the flavor was, ‘Chicken BBQ’ with chopped bell pepper, onions and extra cheese on top. One slice, down! Second one, down! Aaahh!!! So full of the most appetizing, filling meal I ever had in my life! Clearly, I was missing out on a gigantic slice of yumminess in my life which I can now say is fulfilled!

Needless to say, I was dying to go to the pizza place the next day, too bad my family wasn’t accustomed to it so I decided to order in and of course they loved it! and that is how I became familiar with the Italian cuisine! However, I didn’t really know Pizza was an Italian dish until a few years ago (I know! Shame on me), but I couldn’t really devour myself out of the Cheesy piece of Heaven to think about which cuisine this dish belonged to.

After that, I was ordering pizza every other week! This was one of the first dishes of Italian Cuisine I tried and loved so I had to try ‘Spaghetti’ after it! What do you know? I loved it even more!

Wish I knew there was more to food than just chicken and veggies, I would’ve started experimenting with Italian Cuisine sooner! I still am on my way towards exploring new tastes and hope to encounter such amazing finds more in different foreign cuisines.

Wish me luck!


  • payalOn Dec 31, 2016, 4:02 am

    My first foreign food was chinese noodles from road side hawker in Delhi


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