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Italian Cuisine – Is it overrated? Is Italian Cuisine diverse?

Italian Cuisine - Is it overrated? Is Italian Cuisine diverse?

Ever been to a restaurant after hearing all the rant going on about it and your friends won’t stop asking you to go try it out, only for you to conclude, that wasn’t worth more than a local pizza place at the corner of your street?

YES! Food can be overrated too! Hard to believe though, coz food is still food, something to fill up the tum-tum… but mind you, there are some cuisines out there that are largely overrated and would probably fail to fulfill your expectations. One of them is the ‘Italian Cuisine’.

Is Italian Cuisine really overrated?

Though we all are a fan of pizza! Well, honestly who isn’t? But the Italian Cuisine doesn’t really offer the same cheesy goodness in all its dishes. The reason for it is not that Italy doesn’t have a diversified variety of food to offer, so you are more than likely to end up with an uninspiring dish in front of you if you visit Italy. The Italians tend to cook similar dishes, that, when cooked all end up looking like a pasta dish or a dish with a heavy dose of cheese. It either has to have some fancy named pasta, or has to be drowned in cheese to be called an Italian dish! Making it boring and repetitive! So forget about trying out any Italian food if you are allergic to dairy, corn or gluten because you won’t find any dish that doesn’t have at least one of these elements.

Why is it not worth the hype?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love cheese and pasta! But if I ever wanted to try authentic Italian Cuisine, I’d want more than that to actually judge how Italian food is. Moreover, if you ever happen to visit Italy, you’d have a hard time finding yourself a juicy looking fish or beef. With very less variation to offer, one might have to prefer French Cuisine as compared to a simple Italian dish.

Though Italians mainly focus on keeping their dishes simple and their ingredients fresh, this quality can sometimes turn out to produce dishes that are bland in taste. It does sometimes make their dishes look a bit conservative, with no innovation whatsoever.

If you ever want to try out Italian food, you should probably look for a restaurant in your own country that provides some, as there is a good chance you’d end up getting a much better-tasting dish than you’d ever get in Italy itself. Although a very positive side of the Italian Cuisine is that you might be able to get a variety of healthy dish options due to its use of fresh ingredients, not to mention how simple the recipes are, but there is a probability, you may have to compromise on the taste. No worries though, pair it together with a glass of sparkling Italian wine, like the Zenato Amarone Della Valpolicella, and your meal won’t be as boring anymore.

What Italy lacks in food, sure does makeup in its finest wines and cheese variety.


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