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French Cuisine, the best cuisine in the world!

French Cuisine, the best cuisine in the world!

French Cuisines is easily the best cuisine in the world.


Being a foodie has its perks and being open to new tastes and experiences adds a bit of spice to such foodie’s existence. Many just stick to one or two cuisines all their life, switching back and forth if they get a chance and the other type of foodie, well they don’t rest until they have traveled and (probably found) the best cuisine in the world. This calls for trying not one or two, but any new cuisine they can find.

Well, if you are that foodie, we are here to help you with your search for the ‘Best Cuisine Ever!’ How do we know? You got to be a local to know if your cuisine inspires you and we compared the best different local food critics there could be. If you believe you can trust us, then read on.

When discussing the irresistible aroma of spices, a mesmerizing display of beauty in a palette & a flavorful appetizing meal, only one cuisine comes to mind that is the combination of all three, ‘The French Cuisine’. Talk about a gorgeous looking fancy named dish and you’ll find it in the French Cook Books. Highly known for the use of finesse while cooking, French chefs rely on simple and pure blends to enrich the flavors of the ingredients used! And the names! Who comes up with the names of their dishes? Like nothing could be more luxurious than the sound of ‘Cassoulet Au Canard’ (which by the way is a combination of the classic casserole and duck)! It’s all about using the right ingredients that elevate the flavor of the main element in your dish.


One cannot simply talk about French dishes without the mention of their delicious cheese or wines. Highly renowned for their wines and cheeses, French normally serve a platter of pressed, soft cheese right after the main dish. YUM!!! This is no secret that the French use wine in their dishes after reducing it to a consistency that brings out the concentrated flavor of it. Many stews, soups and dishes that are heavy on the sauce, often start off with a plain combination of carrots, celery, onions or garlic as their base. The addition of meat to such dishes then intensifies the flavor and a sprinkle of fresh herbs over the top finishes off the plate.

Let us talk about some of the irresistible options you may want to taste next time you visit Paris.

Breakfast anyone?

Starting off with breakfast, trying baked chocolate-y buttered croissants i.e. the Pain Au Chocolat’ is the most popular French breakfast. Also to be kept in mind is that the French take savory breakfasts as a big NO! So expect more pastries and creams from them when it comes to breakfasts. Another typical French breakfast includes ‘Chausson aux Pommes’, which is a puff pastry with a filling similar to apple jam or sauce.





Try out a simple caramelized onion soup if you are on a diet or a pan bagnat (which means a wet bread) sandwich with olives and tuna. Another filling options could be a ‘Croque tartine Parisienne’ (egg toped on cheese and ham) & a béchamel sauce.

Formal Dinner?

The meal that comes in three stages, starting with appetizers like steak tartare (which is a meat dish with either chopped capers, onion or a raw egg yolk). If you are a fan of trying wildly different flavors, then you might want to try the escargot (which is a cooked land snail). You can even start off your dinner with a little ‘Foie Gras’ appetizer which is a fattened liver of a goose or duck.

Moving on to the main course (la plat principal) can include, any meat of your choice with rice, vegetables and of course, a cheese course on the side. Some hearty dishes include ‘Coq Au Vin’ (rooster roasted and cooked to perfection in red wine), ‘Bouillinade’ (Fish and Potatoes baked with herbs and butter) or ‘Moules’ if you are a seafood fan (Mussels served with French Fries on the side) are the bomb of many countries in Europe.


Needless to say the French know their dishes well & how to get the taste-buds dancing. Look beyond the French beauty and you’ll see a heavenly combination of bourgeois & extravagant recipes that are tied together with their strong history. If you are able to find yourself a nice cozy French restaurant next time, why not dine-in to add your reviews to the French gastronomy.

Bon Appetit!


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