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Foods to avoid during Training – Unhealthy Foods

Foods to avoid during Training - Unhealthy Foods

Foods to avoid during Training:

Well, if you have landed on this, it’s probably because you’re looking forward to losing some extra kilos or you just want to maintain your fit body.

Who doesn’t want a fit body? Everyone would love to flaunt their abs and toned body. But in order to get there, you need to cross off few food items from your diet that can slow you down or even stop you from achieving your goal.

So this article is about the 7 daily food items that we consume and should be avoided while training. But before that let’s look upon some of the unethical habits that people have when they consume their food. These habits should be strictly avoided, at least for some time, in order to inculcate a new habit. And as the experts say, if you do some work for a continuous period of 21 days or more, there are high chances of that work turning into one of your daily habits. So let’s do this.


Common Mistakes while eating:


1.  Eating fast – I bet you won’t agree to this, but it’s something that most people do. In order to avoid getting late for their work, many of us tend to eat fast. This usually happens during our breakfast time. This is how it works – Our brain takes at least 20 minutes to come to a conclusion that we have eaten enough and our stomach is full. But the problem is that we finish our meal in 10-12 mins. This is the reason why we feel so full after we have our meal. When you eat fast, you tend to eat more.  Get rid of this habit and make sure that you sit down and complete your meal rather than pushing it down to your stomach.

2.  Skipping your Meals – We all do this. And this is the same as not eating at the right time. If you usually eat your lunch at 1 PM, then make it a point to always eat your lunch at 1 PM. Our body works in a systematic manner and it is important to feed it time to time. When you change your meal timings, the body gets confused and it becomes difficult for it to digest the food.

3.  Oversized Portions  – We Indians love stuffing our plates with huge portions of every item that is served to us. And if it’s a party or a function, we make it a point to test each and every item on the menu. Take fewer portions first, then if you want more, you can help yourself with another serving. The food is still there. It won’t run away from you!

4.  Choosing Unhealthy add-ons  – Some people top off their fresh vegetable salad with cheese, bacon or creamy dressings. If you are planning to eat something healthy, avoid these add-ons.

5.  Mindless Eating – This is one of the main reasons for the food that we eat not getting digested properly. We usually sit in front of the TV or laptops while eating and our concentration tends to be more on the TV shows, films rather than on eating. Switch off your TV and all the other devices and make an eye-contact with your food and eat it as if you’re making love to your partner.


Well, try to get rid of these habits and you’ll be amazed and happy with the way your body functions.


Now let’s look into the list of food items that you should cross off from your diet if you want to lose some weight and you really want to focus on your  training.


1.  White Bread – The soft and fluffy slices still loved by many, looks delicious but doesn’t have much nutritional value. White bread is made from refined grains, which are low in magnesium, zinc, vitamin E, fiber, and essential fatty acids and moreover a refined grain is created when a whole grain is finely ground and stripped of its bran and germ, the elements that contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals. So basically, you’re getting nothing. Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet and The recommended daily intake of fiber is 14 grams for every 1,000 calories you consume. You’re deprived of these nutritional contents in the case of White Bread. So a healthy alternative would whole grain bread which will provide you with more vitamins, minerals, and fiber.


2.  Frozen Foods – Freezing food preserves it from the time it is prepared to the time it is eaten. The burgers that you eat at McDonald’s and Fried crispy chicken at KFC are all frozen. Sometimes the chicken served at KFC dates back to 6-8 months and still we eat them all because it’s finger lickin’ good. FYI these frozen foods don’t have any nutritional value. I am not saying that all the food items that are frozen are not good for you, but make sure that you read their nutritional facts before you buy them. Freezing itself does not harm foods or take away the nutrients; it is how you freeze your foods or what you buy that makes the difference.


3.  Deep Fried food – You know all the effects that these foods have on your body, so there’s not much to talk about them. Examples of some deep fried food that most of us consume are  potato chips, potato vada, pakoras etc. Stop eating them for a while and you’re good to go.


4.  Sugar-Free Products – The Sugar-Free label that we see on ice-creams, chocolates, mithai, drinks and almost every product that has the suffix diet or sugar-free attached to it have sweeteners in them instead of sugar. This is what Sweeteners do – they make your “diet” or “sugar-free”items zero on calories. This confuses the body, which demands calorie dense food immediately. Do you see the connection : diet drinks and with calorie dense pizza and burger; biscuits with tea or coffee? If you’re trying to avoid calories over here you’re clearly not succeeding because you land up eating not just high glycemic index carbs, but also trans fats, and that’s not at all a good combination.


5.  Alcohol – Alcohol and exercise simply don’t mix! Alcohol consumption is not something that you should get involved with if you’re looking to lose weight because it has many adverse effects – hydration, recovery, anabolism and focus being few examples. A few servings of alcohol can have some great health and mental benefits and also alcohol in small doses has been proven to enhance relaxation and have some benefits to the heart by thinning the blood, but it’s not a healthy to consume it daily. When you decide to have few pegs of beer one night, you may not realize it, but you are severely diminishing possible performance for the next day. So it’s better to cut it loose for few days while training.


6.   Juices – Yes, you read that right! You know the reason why we have teeth and gums? It is simply meant for chewing food. It’s that simple. Making a juice out of vegetables and fruits, even though it’s absolutely fresh, robs you of all the vitamins and minerals. You’re drinking a coloured liquid which has lost all its nutrients because the surface area of the fruit has increased, and exposure to the air and surroundings has already oxidized its nutrients. Fruits contain antioxidants which are supposed to get oxidized in the body and not outside it. So have your fruit as whole rather than cutting it and having it in the form of juice.


7.   Tea  – Well we all know that green tea is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are nothing but compounds which prevent damage from free radicals in the body. Now, the antioxidants can only work in the presence of carbs, proteins, and fats and if the cup of tea is going to delay your meal, the antioxidants, my friends, will be rendered useless. And if you really want to benefit from the “antioxidants” you will have to consume tea in large amounts. So it means you will have to drink many teas which will the cause acidity, bloating and will only mask your hunger.


Few tips before getting started:

1.  Never go on extreme diets – they are not sustainable and just don’t work.

2.  Dieting doesn’t mean to starve yourself: You must eat to lose weight.

3.  Just as everyone is different, everyone’s diets have to be different too. Don’t try to follow    someone else’s footsteps.

4.  Make sure you know what’s in low-fat or sugar-free foods; they aren’t all that healthy and should be consumed in very small amounts.

5.  Exercise is non-negotiable.


Try implementing the above tips into your daily routine and all the best for your success!



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