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Cooking Techniques – Cooking Hacks of select cuisines

Cooking Techniques - Cooking Hacks of select cuisines


Special or not! Us humans have been blessed with a variety of diversified cuisine choices all over the world. These cuisines vary regionally, country and continent-wise. Similarly, what gives these cuisines their unique flavor is the technique required to pull complicated dishes off flawlessly. Some techniques tend to be specific to a particular dish or cuisine, but are being used by chefs around the world to add appetizing dimension to their cookery.

Cooking Techniques- do they really matter?

A big YES!!! In fact, if you’d go about asking some prominent culinary giants, you might come to know that these techniques are much more important than the original recipe itself. The reason for it is, the cooking method tend to give the dish, the look it has, the deliciousness, crunchiness & the flavor that is specific to it.

Which Cuisine uses which Technique?

Like every other untimely invention, these techniques too were first brought in by a specific cuisine. While it’s a bit burdensome to track down the traces in history, as all cooking techniques are widely used as a mix by chefs around the world, there still are some cuisines, which are specific as to what techniques they use while working their magic in the kitchen:

-The Chinese Cuisine:

Ever been to China? If you ever do and end up getting yourself a snack on their food street, you’ll notice the gigantic sized cooking pans they might be using. The most commonly used methods to cook food in these humongous pans are:


1.Stir-fry: By adding processed meat in the pan with a splash of oil, it is heated at a high flame and seasoned while being stirred. High flame and constant stirring keep the ingredients juicy and nutritional.

2.Steaming: Used to soften and cook, veggies dumplings etc. It is the simplest of all Chinese cooking techniques and is commonly used in Northern China.

3.Deep-frying: Involves frying food in a hefty quantity of edible oil. This gives the food its crispy texture and unique taste.


-The French Cuisine:

French food has the extraordinary privilege of being loved by people all around the world. Being considered one of the most luxurious cuisines, it is not only famous for its beautiful looking presentation, but also for its scrumptious taste. What beautifies them? Have a look!


1.Poaching: In this, the food is simmered in a liquid slowly. The liquid used might be water, milk, wine etc. Most commonly poached ingredient is the egg, served hot with some sauces on the side.

2.Sautéing: Basically similar to ‘stir-fry’, sautéing involves cooking food in a pan whilst stirring constantly on a high flame.

3.Flambéing:  Basically done to give the dish a smoky flavor. It is done at the end of the cooking phase where alcohol is usually added by the chef into the pan that tends to catch flames within the pan and is simmered down swiftly.


-The Italian Cuisine:


1.Crudo: Mixing finely ground meat along with vegetables and herbs into cooked food, moments before it is ready to serve. This technique is used in dishes like Venetian Risi e Bisi.

2.Risotto: Also the name of a dish, this technique involves rice sautéed in olive oil or butter while adding stock to the rice almost half the desired quantity. Then, gradually adding the liquid while cooking it until it is completely absorbed by the rice.

3.Simmering: Cooking vegetables or any other ingredients using herbs and olive oil as a base, until they are brownish or cooked to perfection.


Even if you aren’t a cook, you now know some insides of the culinary world, probably enough to make recommendations, next time someone ponders over if their veggies should be sautéed or steamed?



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