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The World of Whiskey


The World of Whiskey: George Bernard Shaw once said in one of his plays, “Whiskey is liquid sunshine.” From Scotland to Japan, from America ...

Fine Dining

Fine Dining: Everything You Ought to Know !!


Fine dining, as the term implies is a phenomenal blend of feeding concepts and ambiance. The key to perfect fine dining lies in the details - be it...

Eastern European Cuisine

Eastern European Cuisine - The Cross Cultural Food Imprints


Eastern European Cuisine - A Sway of Comfort and Extravagant Foods Eastern European Cuisine The Cuisine from Eastern Europe is a rich embellishm...

Sub Saharan African Cuisine: Foods, Habits and Global Restaurants


Sub Saharan African Cuisine comes from the region that is located south of the great Sahara desert in the second largest continent of the world - A...

Mexican Food

Mexican Food - A Fascinating Culinary Culture


Mexican Food - The ever changing and evolving food experience.   Mexican Food Mexicans love their food and the world loves them for being such ...

10 Most Alcohol Consuming Nations

10 Most Alcohol Consuming Nations


Alcohol acts as an elixir in cold climatic countries, it provides much-needed warmth to the body. Vodka, gin, baijiu, tequila, rum, whisky, brandy,...

How well do you know your drink?

How well do you know your drink?


It's an art to know your drink and hold it well. You know what else is an art? Knowing what certain alcohol-related terms mean, instead of ordering...

Origins of Beer, Wine & Spirits

Origins of Beer, Wine and Spirits


The recorded historical origins of various alcoholic drinks are as old a human recorded history. Recent archeological finding had shown that 10000 ...