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The Story of Idli

The Story of Idli-The Humble Food of India


The Story of Idli: Idli, one of the most popular dishes in India is now a favorite dish on the global menu too. Idli is a South Indian dish, mos...

Sous Vide Ribeye with Fig Reduction

Sous Vide Ribeye with Fig Reduction


Sous Vide Ribeye with Fig Reduction: The coupling of a perfectly cooked ribeye with the flavor of red wine makes for a perfect dinner.  Using a ...

Story of Biryani

Story of Biryani: Origin, Varieties and Popularity


Biryani is an Indo-persian origin dish that comprises long grained rice fumed and flavoured with aromatic spices and cooked with mutton, chicken, f...

Ayurveda Body Type

Ayurvedic Body Types and Recommended Diet for 3 Types of Doshas


In the discipline of Ayurveda, there are three principal types of energies or doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The three doshas are at the core of t...

Lucknowi Delicacies

3 Lucknowi Delicacies That Every Delhiite Should Taste Once in Life


Delhites are known for their strong love for food. From morning till late night, Delhi people are either eating or discussing what to eat next. So,...

ragi dosa

The nutritious ragi (finger millet) dosa


As a child, my mother tried to feed us the ’healthy cereal -ragi’. As millets are highly nutritious. She made us ragi porridge, in the summers to b...

Grilled Muffuletta

Grilled Muffuletta - POV Italian Cooking


Muffuletta (sometimes spelled Muffaletta) is a sandwich that was developed by Italian immigrants in New Orleans.  The term 'Muffuletta' can also re...

Carrot Chutney

Bonding with mother in law over Carrot Chutney


My very first memory of my mother in law’s cooking, was that of carrot chutney.  Since then onwards I have become a huge fan of this dish and so ha...


Sushi: The Legendary Japanese Finger Food


Sushi is one of the most popular finger foods in Japan. Japan is an archipelago (close knit group of islands) and therefore, fish ought to have fou...