Road Trips Food Options For Travellers | Top 10 healthy travel snacks


Road Trips Food Options Available For Travelers

10 Food Options for Road Trips

This article is dedicated to all the road drive junkies. Here I am going to talk about the different food options for a road trip.

On roads, I generally prefer food which can be eaten quickly and does not require too much effort. Since on road, there is not much space and plates are generally hand held, I would not advice carrying wet food items, apart from beverages.

I have devided food items to be taken in four categories.

Munching Food Options for Road Trips

1. Chikki – nothing beats our humble chikki as your companion on road. It can be kept for months without getting spoiled. The taste of chikki is so  good in all seasons. This does not get your hands dirty. one can enjoy it even while you are driving. What else do you want.

2. Kanda Vada has gerat qualities to be your companion on road. That is the reason it is favrouite Maharashtrian snack.

3. Potato Fries is great munching option if cooked properly. By that I mean, no oil left on fries. It is easy to eat and stomach filling.


Best Meal Options for Road Trips

4. Pulihara is good old food to be taken on trips. It has been taken on trips since middle ages in South India. If you are planning a road trip, pulihara should be on your menu list.

5. Aloo Paratha is not the lightest meal options available. But there are few alternatives which can be as filling as aloo paratha and at the same time, can be eaten without making any mess.

6. Potato and Egg Salad is the food for those who are running against the clock. It is easy to prepare and easier to eat. The two things you would need going on a road trip.

7. Paneer Sandwhich is a simple vegetarian sandwich. It is perfect for light lunch, which you would want in your road trip.


Best Beverages for Road Trips

8. Ginger Elixir is a hot milk based beverage that works as an elixir while travelling on the road. It is fatigue and sleepiness.

9. Beetroot Spinach Smoothie helps you achieve glowing skin and elixir for your mane. The smoothie is very refreshing and high energy source. Its good taste will only make you wanting it more.

10. Lemon detox water is better than any other refreshing drink out there in the world. You should have a bottle full of the lemon water with you on your trip.


Fruits for Road Trips

In addition to the above mentioned food items, you should also carry few fruits. You should think of frutis which do not require any processing. Fruits like banana, grapes etc fall under this category.


Not Junk food for Trips

You should avoid junk food items like potato chips, burgers, pizza etc on trips. Burgers tend to get saggy after sometime. Cold pizza does not taste good (you won’t find microwave on road). Potato chip packets occupy too much space and have very little actual edible prodcut.


Do not forget carrying water. I would rather prefer water over cola, but it is totally your choice.


Hope the information given in this article will help you in deciding the food to carry on trips. Do let me know your food options for trips in the comment section given below.

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This article is written by Aditya Johari of Ecosport Diaries, a travel blog

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