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Daily Essential Foods

Daily Essential Foods as per Ayurveda


Ayurveda helps keep the body and mind in complete sync. The daily essential foods prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioners is not just good for keepin...


Want to advertise to a city, state, country or continent? ¿Quieres anunciarte en una ciudad, estado, país o cont...


Rosemary - Expedient Ingredient Episode 4


Rosemary, a fragrant herb that was considered sacred to ancient Romans and Greeks, is now commonly used in Italian cuisine.  Learn the history...

Story of Biryani

Story of Biryani: Origin, Varieties and Popularity


Biryani is an Indo-persian origin dish that comprises long grained rice fumed and flavoured with aromatic spices and cooked with mutton, chicken, f...

Zucchini Boats

Zucchini Boats - POV Italian Cooking Episode 66


Zucchini Boats - Sometime you get that desire for pizza that nothing else can satisfy.  When you are dieting the desire for pizza can derail y...

What to eat for exams for best performance

What to eat during exams for best performance


Exams Diet - When you are studying for exams, good nutritious food slides down the priority list. The right food and drink will energize your syste...

Weight Watcher Chicken Marsala

Weight Watcher Chicken Marsala


Chicken Marsala - A rich brown sauce made with Marsala wine that envelopes the chicken and infuses the mushrooms forms a mouthwatering dish that ta...

Harmful Food Combinations

Harmful Food Combinations : Have you been Consuming them???


Nature has some rules about certain harmful food combinations. Remember the old grandma's tales about not consuming certain foods together? Well th...

Low Calorie Foods

Foods Low on Calories and Good for Weight Loss


In the modern age with changing lifestyles and hectic routines followed by most of us, health has become a major concern. What we eat determines ho...

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Guanciale: Expedient Ingredient Episode 3

Guanciale: Expedient Ingredient Episode 3


Guanciale is perhaps the king of the Italian cured pork meats that includes pancetta, prosciutto, salami and, of course, American bacon.  Pork fat ...