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Hot Buttered Rum Punch

moderator Date: December 20, 2018
Type: Cocktails

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What is a Punch?
A Punch is simply an assortment of drinks mixed together along with fresh fruit or fruit juice, usually in a large bowl. A Punch could consist of non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks.
Punch is a must have in parties and gatherings in Europe and America. No party starts without a generous serving of Punch.
Regular party organizers or party animals will be well aware of not only Punch drink but the Punch bowl as well, which serves as a trademark of a party.
There is a story that Punch, as a concept of concoction of drinks was introduced to the British by India. Subsequently, it was introduced to the entire Western World.

Hot Buttered Rum Punch is a very exciting sweet and spicy delight, perfect beverage for Holidays season.
With pineapple juice, cranberry sauce, rum and spices, this liquid is a gala of tastes and aromas.
A taste of tropical delights in cold winters of the Holiday season.

If you do not fancy a hot or warm beverage, you could always turn into a regular cold alcoholic beverage by cooling down the liquid and adding few ice cubes.

The total cooking and preparation time is a bit over 3 hours.
So, plan accordingly before your party!

Hot Buttered Rum Punch

Ingredients List

Quantity Units Ingredients Notes
8.00 cup Pineapple Juice
8.00 cup Water
32.00 oz Cranberry Sauce Jellied, available in cans
2.00 cup Dark Rum As per taste
1.50 cup Brown Sugar
1.50 tsp Ground Cloves Cloves powder
0.50 tsp Salt
0.50 tsp Ground Nutmeg Nutmeg Powder
1.00 tsp All Spice Powder Garam Masala could be used
20.00 Cinnamon Sticks
10.00 tsp Butter As per taste


1. Take a heavy bottom large pan and add all ingredients into it EXCEPT butter and cinnamon sticks

2. Cook on a slow flame for up to 3 to 3.5 hours by breaking the cranberry jelly with a fork

3. Pour the drink into serving glasses.

4. Add into each glass 1 cinnamon stick and about half teaspoon of butter.

Voila, your Hot Buttered Rum Punch is ready and let the party being!